Our breads are kneaded, shaped and baked on site throughout the day

Installed since 2006 in the awatif neighborhood in Marrakech, LAMAACH is a bakery and pastry shop which welcomes you everyday in its shop where you can succumb to a large selection of pastries, breads, chocolates, pastries, ...

With us, you can indulge yourself with a little sweetness for all your sweet cravings.

You will also find in our bakery traditional breads as well as house specialties to accompany all your meals of the day.

Our commitments


Involvement of our teams, passion for baking and a taste for a job well done


Cooking based on a charter guaranteeing product quality


Welcoming and helpful employees


Guaranteed freshness for all our products thanks to continuous cooking

Hotels and restaurants

Our expertise

Our breads and pastries go well with everything from breakfast to dinner. You already know our products and want a specific bread? Do not hesitate to tell us about it, we will do everything to follow up on your desires.

How it works?

You can pick up your products directly from the bakery or have them delivered to Marrakesh or the surrounding area. As soon as our collaboration takes off, we will create a customer account for you to facilitate your daily purchases.

The categories of our products


We offer a wide range of breads and baguettes made from high quality ingredients

Moroccan pastries

We have a large selection of Moroccan pastries with modern or traditional decoration for all occasions


For breakfast, snack or coffee break, let yourself be tempted by the inevitable chocolate-filled pastry, croissant or other small delicacies

Cream cakes

We make a wide range of pastries that give the final touch of your meal and perfectly accompany coffee or tea

All products